Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sound of the Week: Ryan Adams

Song of the Week is back!  And I couldn't wait until Tuesday to share a song, which also means that I am typing this to procrastinating some other task (don't look at me like that, unfolded basket of laundry).

I feel that I post about music enough, sneaking a song or two in almost every post, but I have missed looking for that one song every week that stands out to me. Also, I have the tendency to fall into music loops, listening to same song or album for a whole week on end, which helps my soul, but can be kind of boring to talking about.  

I have had a love/comme ci comme sa,  relationship with Ryan Adams. I loved Whiskeytown, and some of his early solo stuff, but I fell into comme ci comme sa territory around the time that he married Mandy Moore, not because of the marriage, but just because I found myself in a place in my life that his music really didn't fit. But this week I came across "Lucky Now," off of his new album, Ashes & Fire, and loved it upon first listen. Now I wish that I would of gotten a ticket to his December concert in DC before both shows sold out. Maybe next time.  I  feel that he will be around writing melodies and words for while. 

Other things of note in music as of late:
Wilco performed on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series
Tom Waits released his new album, Bad Like Me 
Jack White covers both Hank Williams and U2, but not at the same time. (p.s. Can you believe that Achtung Baby is 20 years old?!)
Dropkick Murphys performed the one song from their new album that I always skip over on Conan O'Brien. This is not to say that I don't love the album, it is pretty excellent. 
REM released a new track from their upcoming and final album. The song is called We All Go Back to Where We Belong. I love that title. Being a gypsy soul, I have a hard time finding that place where I belong. I hope to find that Island of Misfit Toys one day. 

So, I probably now should get to the basket of laundry . . . . .or go make some pancakes.

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