Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not So Much Love in the City

D.C., you are getting pretty hard to love lately. Are you jealous of my near stalker obsession with Boston?  Do you worry each time that I get on an airplane that I won’t come back? Whatever it is, please stop. For reals.

Yesterday, someone jumped in front of a train (they survived), paralyzing the Metro system during the evening rush. I was suddenly thrown into a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Do I : 

A.       Hang out with the huddled and cranky masses underground  for a couple of hours and pray that my station will be opened by the time my train gets there, 15 years in the future,  since they seemed to be opening and closing stations all willy nilly? (p.s. when was the last time you heard someone say willy nilly? We should totally use it more)

B.       Roam the streets of DC and try avoid zombie attacks or protester/occupier attacks or zombie protesters (What do we want? More brains! When do we want it? Now! ARRGHHH.)?  Someone the other day asked me why I seem to always compare DC workers to zombies. First of all, I usually compare them to cannibals, but zombies will work too, ‘cause have you seen the federal workforce at 8:00 AM in the morning? Second, the apocalypse does seem to always be looming around here.

C.      Go eat a burrito at a friend’s house?

I chose the burrito option, obviously. There are very few reasons to ever not choose the burrito option.  p.s. thanks for the burrito which I very unlady like inhaled.

And, to be fair to the morning rush,   Metro was again down this morning and I sat and sat and sat somewhere in the bowels  of the city hitting repeat on this song a million times.

And what is it with hockey tickets being so expensive. 65 dollars for the cheap seats?  Maybe when it gets cold enough, I'll just go down to the Sculpture Garden and shout “Fight! Fight!” at all the ice skaters.

And, and AND,  last but not least, we don’t even have a masked superhero.

D.C., you have some explaining to do. 

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  1. I know I'm a nerd for saying this but I didn't know that song before Rock Band 3 and now I love it because the drums part is awesome! I always ask to play that song when we have our Rock Band nights. :)

    Oh and PS....I would love to bring my video camera to DC and catch you on video shouting at the ice skaters. :)