Sunday, October 30, 2011

Local Travels: Occupy DC

I love current events and believe that everyone should be aware of national and international events, but I don't trust the news.  In fact, I just don't trust the news, I loathe the news, except for Bri Wi whom I wandered around the Newseum looking for. In my honest opinion and experience of being surrounded by 10-12 hours of the news cycle everyday, most news stations are all about entertainment and agendas. Man, am I jaded or what? I have the tendency to seek out  a variety of independent news sources, and take everything a read/hear with a pinch of salt. 

 A couple of days ago I decided to wander down to the Occupy DC encampments to see really what they are all about. Not really to participate, but to investigate and understand. These protests are becoming polarizing issues. Some seem them as the voice of the people, others as dirty lazy hippies. I know how the economic times have affected my life, but I feel that I know very little of the bigger picture.  Protests also fascinate me. They have some sort primal element to them. I am mad and I want you to know about it. This isn't right, I want you know about it. Sometimes I feel that if some group isn't condemning me to hell at least once a week the world must of stopped spinning.

The day that I walked down was rainy, so there wasn't a lot of people out. But the few that I did talk to seemed to be genuine in their concern and their actions. I am still forming my ideas and views and actions regarding our economic life and times, but one thing was made crystal clear that day. 

I am grateful to live in a time and place where protests are allowed. People are allowed to speak their minds without the fear (for the most part) of retaliation from the government. I think we take for granted not so much our own freedom of speech, we love to talk (!) about that, but we forget that our neighbors, the crazy people on the street corners, and our perceived enemies also have freedom of speech.  100 percent of the people will never agree on every issue, we all come from different backgrounds, have different lives and minds who make us who are are. I think that is what makes the human race so beautiful, all of our differences.   But respect and a genuine desire to understand one another, that should be universal.

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