Thursday, October 13, 2011

Epic Pie

You guys. Pie Day is only a month away.

Wait, everyone knows what Pie Day is, right?  **crickets**

It’s only the best the pastry based made up holiday ever. Come Thanksgiving Day, you (yes I am being bossy for minute—YOU) get too full eating turkey and potatoes and stuffing and more potatoes that you just can’t enjoy that piece of pie. Hence Pie Day, usually the Sunday before Thanksgiving, where you can devote a whole day just to eating pie. Unless that is what you do every Sunday, then my friend, you are ahead of the curve.   I have been serving pie to the masses since way back in my MO days, and have brought the tradition along with me when I move. I am like a pie missionary.  Amen and hallelujah.

This year I am having it a week early since I will be in France for Thanksgiving, nah nah nah.  Thanksgiving isn’t one of my favorite holidays, so I always try to travel for it. Pie Day has become my holiday to celebrate with friends and food, without all the awkwardness of thinking of something to be thankful for (pie), or debating historical accuracies of holidays (was there pie at the first thanksgiving? Well, technically the first thanksgiving wasn’t the first. .  . .Oh please, go shut your mouth with more pie). Plus I don’t like turkey. 

This year, I want it to be epic, but it will be hard to beat last year when someone came dressed as a pie. Yep, you read that right, DRESSED AS A PIE. And p.s. It wasn’t me.  That totally deserves caps lock, and that is how we roll when it comes to baked goods.  With the pressure on, I have started planning. I usually make 3 pies, one fruit, one other (usually cream), and one that will end up in the trash because it is a new recipe that didn’t turn out. Last year I burnt and undercooked the same pie at the same time. Kids, they don’t teach you those skills in college.  Others usually bring pies too and for one odd reason or another we get at least one person who brings a dessert that is not a pie. Are there people out there that don’t like pie? Shudder.  I draw the line at brownies. Do not bring brownies to Pie Day. I will not put them on the table.  I always worry about not having enough pie, but by the end of the night have plenty.  Just like the pilgrims.

So the countdown has begun for the new pies recipes. I also have to figure out how to incorporate a hot air balloon and a mime.  Or maybe an elephant and a parade. Epic, people, EP-IC.


  1. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO sad I'm missing pie day!!!! I SOOOOOOOO wish I could be there. Have a few extra slices for me! Enjoy France!

  2. We all know the first Thanksgiving consisted of only pie. Pie, glorious PIE!