Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking With Friends: Indian

I have a friend who lived in India for a couple of years. Since she has been back in the States, I have been after her to teach me how to cook some India cuisine. I love India food. Well, to be honest there are very few types of food that I don’t love. But the sad fact is that ever since she has been back she had gladly traded in curries for red meat.  In fact, she really can’t fathom the idea of cooking or eating India food.  But my endless whining and pleadings finally wore her down and she came over to teach me to make Lemon Rice and Butter Chicken.
In addition to filling my belly I learned a lot about Indian cooking:
Indian food takes a lot of ingredients:

My friend, along with another friend who is also an awesome cook showed up on my doorstep with bags and bags of groceries. The Lemon Rice had 15 ingredients, the Butter Chicken, 22 .
Most of these ingredients are spices:

I inherited all the leftover spices, so look for upcoming recipes that call for 3 pounds of Gram Masala.  Other spice facts that I learned; Indian chili powder is very different than Latin chili powder and should not be used in chicken tacos and there are some spices, no matter how important they are to the recipes, are so stinky they need to be kept, by themselves, in sealed Ziploc bags.
Speaking of spices, I didn't think my spice cabinet was that strange, but it came up in conversation a lot. Everyone has an alphabetical list of their spices,  and 8 different kinds of vinegar, right?

Potato chip bag copy editors in India spend their nights writing soap operas:
Flirt with the tangy flavor of Lays Spanish Tomato Tango and take some time out for romance.
Indian food is good.

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