Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sounds: Flogging Molly

I also saw Flogging Molly play this past weekend. They play traditional Irish music, with fiddles, tin whistles, accordions, mandolins, banjos, and BAM electric guitars. The lead vocalist, Dave King founded the band after arriving to California from Ireland. Their songs are filled with tales of Irish history, (Oliver Cromwell boo!), drinking, religious guilt, family, working and dreaming of a better life. . . .and pirates. You know, what you would except a good Irish band to sing about. Flogging Molly is probably one of my favorite bands to see live. I have said a million times before that the Irish have a special connection with music, it is in the blood.

Flogging Molly has 7 members, who pretty much line up across the stage. So getting a total band picture is usually impossible, but I did get a couple of shots that almost got everyone:

Well, everyone except the accordion player, so to be fair, here he is:

But my best view was of Dennis Casey at the electric guitar:
His guitar was loud. Or maybe I was hugging the speaker.  But this guy could not stand still for more than 2 seconds, which is a good thing because who pays money to watch people stand still.  But for picture taking purposes it tends to be a little tricky, especially when a lot of time is spent mid air.   So, please join me in a new game called, "Find the flying guitar player in the blurry picture." It's all the rage.

I never did get a clear picture of him in the air, so I guess the moral of the story is that I need a camera with a faster shutter speed? I was also thinking, man, I have taken a lot of pictures at shows lately. Am I turning into one of those people? You know those people who spend so much time on their phones/fancy tech toys, updating their Facebook statuses, etc that they forget to see and enjoy the world around them.  But like most things in life, it is all about balance. To document my super fun awesome life as it comes, but not live just to blog about it.  Maybe that is the real moral of the story.

post script: If you have never heard of Flogging Molly, take a listen to the song that made me a fan:

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