Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Selfish Sounds

You may wonder why my Song of the Week (SOTW) segment is the only constant thing on this blog. Well, like many things that are constant in my life it is because I am a selfish, selfish person. They are little weekly send outs to the universe that I really want to see this band/musician.  And the universe must feel a little bad about giving me crooked index fingers because, this little call and answer game we have going is working  nicely.

Or maybe its good karma, for hopefully introducing a person or two to a new band, starting to come back to me.

This week seems to be a little magical in show announcement land:

I found out that William Elliott Whitmore (SOTW-July 12) is opening up for the Low Anthem (SOTW-July 27) at the 9:30 Club DC next week.  Can you hear me clapping my hands with glee? Unless, of course, you are one of those people that find clapping awkward, then I am sure that you are just hearing thunder.

Pokey LaFarge (Sounds-July 30) and the South City Three – are giving a free show on October 18  . . . at a BBQ place. After all, they are good Missouri boys!  I was grating celery for a salad (exciting!) on Sunday night, which of course, led to a conversation with a friend about US presidential candidates, which led to me declaring that I am moving to Canada or England or the moon come 2012, which led to banjos, (I think I missed a step in there), which led to this blog, which led to my friend bringing up Pokey LaFarge.  Oh, we need to see this gentleman, we both agreed.  And later on that eventide, I discovered he is a comin’ to town.

And November isn’t that far away . . . Matthew and the Atlas (SOTW-August 2) just announced today (!) their US tour with a stop conveniently in Northern Virginia on November 8.  Their music is beautiful and soulful, but what seals my keenness of this band is that on their tour blog of their support of M&S,  they lovely mention middle of nowhere Boonville, MO, my old stomping ground not once, not twice, but 3 times!  Did I mention that they are from the UK? Note to local friends: you WILL be going to this show. Free agency is off the table. You will thank me later.

Don’t worry; I will only use this magical musical magnetic power for good.

Sorry for all the linking. I read this week that too many links is a blog annoyance, so here a lovely song for all your trouble.

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  1. Wow. That's happiness to my ears. Thanks, Katie!