Monday, September 19, 2011

I Made This: Blueberry Basil Preserves

I have a habit of cooking really late at night. It's pretty ridiculous.  An old roommate of mine loves to tell the story of finding me in the kitchen peeling potatoes at 3 o'clock in the morning. I figure that if I can't sleep I might as well be productive. But not the balance my checkbook or fold laundry kind of productive, but the make a huge mess in the kitchen kind of productive. 
Last night at 11:07pm I decided to make Blueberry Basil Preserves. It wasn’t entirely an out of the blue thought; a borrowed canner from a friend had been sitting on the breakfast table for over a week, (I have pretty wild and crazy friends that own canners and stuff) and I had 3 pounds of blueberries waiting patiently in the fridge. I think somewhere in the maze of my mind I rationalized that making jam would be a strategic move to stop Monday morning from coming so quickly. (Spoiler alert: Monday morning still came quickly).
I have never made jam, jellies or preservers before. I haven’t canned anything before.  I even had to google how to use the canner, which to me just looked like a huge pot. I would say that I like a challenge, but in reality, it wasn’t that complicated; chop, stir, boil, stir some more and a nice hot bath, for the jars of preserves, not yourself, but hey, whatever floats your boat.   
One of the benefits of cooking is the relative immediate satisfaction. To say, Hey I made this! And brag about it, hypothetically, on a blog.  Unless it turns out crummy, then you just have to cover it with ice cream or bury it in the trash and hope no one asks.  But with these preserves, I had to wait 12-24 hours for them to cool. Oh, new recipe anticipation! I dreamt about my little blueberry jars last night, when I finally got to bed.  Wait, does that clock say 2:17 AM. Yikes. In addition to the canning and clean up I also felt the needed to watch a music documentary which led to a guest appearance by Joe Strummer in my dreams. I was giving him a jar or jam.  Awkward since he died in 2002 and awesome because I was giving Joe Strummer a jar of jam. I thought jam about all day at work. What if the jars didn’t seal? (They did!) What was I going to taste test them with? (Biscuits!) Why do people hit reply all, when it is clearly not a reply all situation? (mystery of the universe!)

Biscuits + Blueberry Basil Preserves + Brie = one genius of a dinner. The preserves actually turned out really good; you can taste the fresh from the garden basil but it isn't too strong and balances out the blueberry beautifully. 


  1. Those look yummy! You should have used my mom's jam recipe. Super easy and you avoid the hot boiling preserves by doing it in the microwave.

  2. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Who cares what time you made the stuff? If it tastes good then it doesn't matter - right?

  3. Michele-I have your mom's recipe saved, and will try it out probably next time, I wanted to make jam the old fashion canner way, at least once, just to say that I did.

    Melinda-You're right, there is no wrong time to make good food!

  4. Looks delish! Gonna have to try it and blog about it.