Friday, September 16, 2011

Good-bye Boston!

Last Boston post! Well, unless you want to hear about the random guy that came up to me on the train last night and started to talk about Boston.  Out of the blue. And I wasn’t wearing an I heart Boston shirt or anything. Magnetic personality? What.

I am not a souvenir type of person. I take a bunch of pictures and always come back with fun stories, but I really don’t buy too much. Well, other than cheese and chocolate. I buy a lot of those.  I just don’t want to buy stuff to buy stuff.   I want them to have meaning, a good story behind them, that years from now when I see them, I think of those stories and not just some tourist shop. This is much to the sadness of family and friends who watch with longing eyes as I unpack my bags.  I do usually send postcards, which I think is a quaint little tradition. And for the record, I still stand by the fact that I mailed a whole pile of postcards from the famous Post Office in Dublin last year, and if no one got them, well, blame, uh the English? Ninjas? English Ninjas?

I have awesome friends that bring me back stuff from all around the world, and I need to be better about returning the favor. Please remind me of this when I leave for France later on this year. 

But I did pick up a couple of things this trip (and sent some postcards!). Things for myself, I just assume that I can talk everyone into going to Boston so they can buy their own stuff.

The first time I visited Boston I brought a Boston Fire Department shirt that the BFD sell to raise money for their charities. It quickly became one of my favorite shirts, which also means that while it has the soft well-worn and well-loved feel to it, it is also pretty faded. This trip I passed the table again and I stopped and brought a new shirt without a second thought.  But it is not just about fashion. These are the people that keep us safe, that run towards danger when we run away from it. We need to support them as much as they support us.

This print is of the 1908 Boston Red Sox logo. It will probably be framed and hung in the house somewhere, but I have had a devilish urge to display it at work in my cubicle. I know that the moment I do, my boss would, after 3 years, finally figure out where I sit in the office. He is a huge Yankees fan.

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  1. I Love, Love, Love the Boston Red Sox print!!!! I so wish that I had been in DC cause I would have gone with you to Boston. Can't wait to read about your big adventure to France in November!