Monday, September 12, 2011

Faraway Adventures: Boston I

Get ready for a whole week of Boston love. That is really all I want to talk about, well,  until the two concerts that I have this week. I started typing up my adventures, but realizing that no one likes a big long block of text, I broke it down into several days of big blocks of text.
I know that it seems that I love every city that I travel to. This is not true, there are a handful of places that I would rather not visit again. There are plenty of cities that I like, but there are only few that I Love, with a capital L. At the very top of the Love list, yes, even above London, is Boston.
The first time that I went to this fine New England city was to help my sister move there from California. There came a time that she was more interested in unpacking boxes than site seeing, so she pointed me to the closest bus stop and sent me on my way to explore.  I spent the whole day walking around the city, taking it all in, falling in love. I have been back many times since, but still one of my favorite things to do is just walk the streets, but in a classy romantic way, not in a street walker way, just to be clear. I am a lady.
Picture from my very first trip:  2003
 I have tried to move to Boston twice. The first time, clearly I was running away from problems and was looking for an escape route. I just wanted to be any other place then I was. I came to the hard, hard realization that I had to stay where I was and deal with my troubles, and I did. The second time I had been accepted into graduate programs in Boston and in the Washington DC area.  Everyone thought that I would be packing my bags for Boston without a second thought. But it never felt right, even saying out loud, “I am moving to Boston,” sounded so awkward and wrong. And then I was offered more money to attend a school down here.  So I did, apparently I can be bought. But sending in the decline letter to the school in Boston was a hard thing. I had to call a friend to talk to me to while I was walking it to the mail box.
Aftermath of South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade: 2004
I don’t regret moving and going to school down here inside the beltway. I have met so many people that I can’t imagine my life without them. I have had so many experiences, both good and bad, that have changed and shaped me, that it does me no good to play what if.
But there are times, that as silly as it sounds, I get homesick for a city that I have never called home. I will hear someone mention Boston, or see a movie or hear a song, and I get this deep sense of longing.
Red Sox Game at Fenway Park: 2005. Fight! Fight!
For almost a year, Boston had been calling me. I have tried to go with a couple of friends, a couple different times, but things always fell through. When Boston gets in my head, I can’t let it go. So when I heard that Dropkick Murphys were putting on a couple of shows at Fenway Park, I made myself a deal. If I could get a ticket, knowing that both dates would sell out in a matter of minutes, I would go to Boston. And when tickets went on sale, I easily got one.  Then I booked a hotel room and plane tickets, and clap my hands, that was that.
.  . . .more to come


  1. Katie, you always take such awesome pictures.

  2. Thanks! I forgot about that first picture until I went looking for pictures I took during the first trip. Obviously editing was done to the picture, but I kind of love it now.