Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warn the Neighbors

Somehow, somewhere, along the way I have started a collection of random music instruments. But they aren't just for show, I really, really want to play each and every one of them. This past week I found:

A Fife

Fifes are harder to play then they look.  My mother can testify to this, as she witnessed me making ridiculous faces while trying to blow and make a note on that thing. Good thing I have found some instructional videos on You-Tube with a Scotch man, to teach me. 'Cause (imaginary) studies prove that I learn better when taught in a fancy accent.

Melody Harp

Sure, these are probably made for kids, but they have potential. And since I have some piano and some guitar in my background, it just fun to play around on this little lap harp.  I have already broken one string while trying to tune it. However, I have also already replaced that string and tuned it, by myself, I know, I am impressed too.  If anyone ever needs Clementine (Oh my darling . . .), played for them on the Melody Harp, snap your fingers, I am prepared!

And how is my harmonica playing going? Well, since you asked, taped to my closet door,  I have the tabs for Amazing Grace, which I do practice. However, the harmonica and the fife both require focused breathing, which I tend not to have.  The thought occurred to me that I need to take up yoga again. Doing yoga to help my harmonica technique . . .um . . .only in my world?  

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