Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sounds: Bob Dylan (again!)

As I type this I am sitting here snacking on baby carrots and crisp snow peas, do I think that I should get a certificate for this? Maybe a little.
Bob Dylan was awesome. I have heard that since he is, well, getting up there in years, he has his great shows and his still good, but not great shows. Since this was my first time seeing him, and I have nothing to compare it to, I say last night was definitely in the great category. Sure, his voice is a little more gravelly then you remember, and he doesn't play all the songs exactly how you remember, but they are his songs, he is allowed to reinvent his own magic every now and then.  I swear, every time he played the harmonica my heart leaped not just a little, but a lot. 
And then he played "John Brown" with banjo accompaniment. Mr. Dylan of course was playing the harmonica. Holy. Cow. 
I have quite a few comments about  the crowd, which will be brought up in another post about concert going etiquette, but I need to share one little antidote.
The first encore song was “Like a Rolling Stone,” classic, legendary, Dylan. I knew it was coming, how could he not play it.  I am just glad that even after 40+ years he doesn’t get tired of singing it, or at least let on that he is tired of singing it.
The instant, the microsecond of that first note the crowd was on its feet. A majority of the crowd were older than me by a least a couple decades.  But for the six minutes of that song they were teenagers again. They threw their hands in the air and clapped and sang like the world was ending tomorrow.  This was the song of their youth, their rebellion. The song they listened to 800 times in a row whenever they felt lonely in the big world, no one understanding them, not knowing what road to take.  That is the power of music to write and seal moments of our life and times on our heart.

And the old lady that was waving her cane in air, yeah, that is going to be me one day.
(here is where I would of posted pictures if we were allowed to take them)

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