Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Song of the Week: Mt. Desolation

This week's song comes again from the most awesome playlist, ever, this month.

Mt. Desolation is a supergroup of sorts made up of members from a variety of different bands, most notably Tim Rice Oxley and Jesse Quin from the band Keane.  I couldn't find out exactly where the band gets it name, but I dream it is from my favorite Jack Kerouac book, Desolation Angels, which recounts Jack's stay on Desolation's Peak in Washington state. "I'm right there, swimming the river of hardships but I know how to swim..." 

I had this song on my iPod for awhile, and thought it was nice song, I would listen to it now and then, skip over it every now and then. One day I actually paid attention to the words, and my world just stopped.  Have you ever had a moment when you think that the voices in your head organized themselves into a musical group, wrote and recorded a song, and you are just now finding about it?  No? Well, then, it is still a pretty song.

Favorite lines:

I've been dreaming of a town
Where the lost and found
And wrong way round are bound
For departure

I've been comfortably numb
But a change is gonna come
Like a storm

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