Saturday, August 13, 2011


100th Post! Virtual High-Five!

(Did I just google high-five, to learn about the orgins/history? Yes. But it started in sports, so I got bored. Did you know that here in the US there was an initiative to celebrate the third Thursday of April as National High Five Day? Some people just have no much free time on their hands for their own good.)

I started this blog exactly 2 months ago on June 12, as an experiment in not only trying to find my voice in the world but the courage to share that voice. Some days I feel I accomplish this a lot  better than others, but thank you for  visiting this little popsicle stand of mine, reading my words,  forgiving my inability to use a comma properly and encouraging me to keep rambling on about:

Things I Eat (especially pie and pancakes)

The Beach (and other favorite things)

Banjos (and other music)

Travel adventures

And other silly stories

Here's some Gentlewoman of the Road stats:
1,251 page views 
Hits from 5 different countries: 'Merica, The United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Germany
Top 3 viewed posts:  
I Made This: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Blizzard (soo good)
Song of the Week: Matthew and the Atlas (this makes me heart soo happy)
Travel Stores: Wales (soo lovely!) 
Top 3 most frequently used labels: Eating, Music, Local Travels (yep, that pretty much sums up my life)

Thank you.

Post Script: after I wrote this, I realized that the 100th post count includes 6 unpublished drafts, but I decided to post anyway, I mean, I did write 100 posts. Blame my lack of math skills on the LA public schools, I do all time.

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