Friday, August 26, 2011

Local Eats: Zengo

When out of town friends come to visit they always ask for restaurants recommendations, and I always say, “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t eat out very much.” Then I started this blog and I have come to realize that I eat out a lot.

Last night, I joined a lovely group of ladies for dinner at Zengo  the hip Latin-Asian restaurant in Chinatown. That's right, it is Latin-Asian fusion, this is the big city, folks. 

Food is served tapas/family style, which I love. You get to order a bunch of different things, share it among friends, and you avoid those awkward side wise glares when the person next to you orders something that looks way better than what you ordered.

We tried/devoured:

Thai Chicken Empanada; amazing.
Soft Shell Crab Tacos: close your mouth and eyes and make sound effects good. Seriously, I think I might start dreaming about these tacos. 
Green Papaya Salad: Eh. As well seasoned (ha!) Thai food eaters, we all found this salad quite bland, and it didn't seem to actually have papaya in it.
Pan Roasted Scallops over a sweet potato/black garlic puree. Divine. Scallops are usually a hit or miss, they have to be cooked perfectly or they are just gross. These were perfect.
Beef Tenderloin Palomilla: pretty good, but was basically a good fajita mix
Beef Brisket over Oaxaca Cheese Mashed Potatoes: This is what they serve in heaven. Punches may or may not have been thrown in order to get the last couple pieces. 

Dessert: In all the desserts were a little disappointing (so I don't feel bad that the picture is awful) and I was tempted to just order some more crab tacos. 

Crema Fresca Mousse Cake
Frozen Tres Leches Cake
Mexican Chocolate Tart: my favorite, I love the combination of cinnamon and chocolate.
Nuttella ice cream

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