Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday.

I went shopping for brie filled dates,
sparkling lemonade,
and good European chocolate.

I read,
wrote a little,
then read some more.

I thought of my Missouri friends
and wished I was there with them.
Did you feel my good vibrations?

I listened to music.
And when the brainchild came,
I danced to music.

I played notes and chords on various instruments.
Freeing the thoughts and feelings
that I haven't quite found words for yet.

Like a cat, I feel asleep,
a luxurious summertime nap,
under a window that was flooded with sunlight.

But as I was strumming along
on a cheap mandolin
that I had picked up for 20 dollars,

The thought came to me:
I am not a poet, a minstrel player
of olden days

With wealthy patrons
paying me to lay around
and write and play to my soul's content

But, what a nice thought.

In the chit chat of Monday morning elevators
my Saturday would be seen as
unproductive, do nothing,  and well, lazy

So I went out and mowed the lawn
finishing the last jungle corner
under the moon

Singing Irish drinking songs
out loud and with pep
disguised by the roar of mower

When I came back into the house
The Army Ranger t-shirt I stole from my dad
soaking in a gallon of sweat

I thought
with a smile
what a productive Saturday!

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