Friday, August 26, 2011

In Case You Missed It

This week's favorite finds from those series of tubes that we call the Internet:

It's been awhile since I mentioned the banjo. Banjo, banjo, banjo. Just trying to make up for lost time. NPR had a nice little piece about the history of this fine instrument. 

We had an earthquake out there; people made fun of us, and we made fun of ourselves.
Side note:  I understand the East Coast vs West Coast trash talking thing, I mean aren’t we all gangster rappers at heart?  But it really isn’t about an earthquake. It is about an unexpected event. If Southern California got a blizzard, you can’t tell me that all them drama queens (why yes, I used to be one of them), wouldn’t freak out too. So everyone hold hands, be nice, eat some pie, you know, be like Midwesterners.

The 10 year anniversary, and re-issue of the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, with new songs. I love the movie ("I thought you were a toad"), and I absolutely adore the soundtrack in all its old time mountain music, good time gospel goodness. The soundtrack won a Grammy and helped revive a little bit of love for  Americana music. The Coen brothers always have good music in their movies.  

Someone invite me over for dinner so I have an excuse to make these Cherry Limeade Cupcakes. Please. 

I want to take up cross-stitch, just so I can make this:


  1. The PBS station here runs a show on Sunday nights (I just finished watching it) called Song of the Mountains that has a lot of this kind of music. Have you seen it? I really love watching it. It really speaks to my heart. My grandfather played the fiddle in a band like that.
    Do you ever listen to Allison Krauss? Have you listened to other music by the guy who is the voice behind the main singer of the group, Dan Tyminski? He is amazing!!!

  2. Jen! I did not know that your grandfather was fiddler. Awesome. Next time I come to MO we will have to have a hootenanny. I will have to look up that PBS show. I don't have cable, but I do get PBS on at least 3 stations using the rabbit ears.