Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Made This: New Art

Another milestone.

A couple of days ago I realized that this month marks 5 years that I have lived in the Washington DC area. Mind you, I have lived into 2 different physical locations, but both have been within the beltway. 5 years! If I make it past the 6 year mark then this will the longest that I have lived in one place since I left California when I was 12. This thought might have made me start hyperventilate a little bit and my gypsy feet gotta itching.

I know that 5 years is no where close to "settling down," a thought that I don't think that my wandering soul was ever meant to understand. A lot has happened since I packed up Sally, my little car, and drove across this fine country of ours to a city that I knew only 1 person and started a new life. A lot. And it is about time that I own these years. So I decided to finally start hanging things on my walls.

I have lived in my current house for 3 years and had not a single thing on the walls. This weekend I changed that.

I started with things that I already had:

1. Top:  a piece that I got at a gallery in Pennsylvania
2. Middle:  I got this sign for 2 dollars at a thrift store, sure, it is a little chotsky, but it fits the space.
3. Bottom:  "Help Wanted: No Irish Need Apply," I have had this sign, that I got from an Irish store in KC, for  many years and it usually confused people.  It is a copy of signs that were found all across the US. "But aren't you part Irish, they ask." Why, yes I am. It reminds me what my blood has been through to get me where I am today.

Then I decided to get crafty.
"You Already Home Where You Feel Love
 I made this!

I should of taken a picture of it before I put it on the wall.  I had to take it at a weird angle to avoid reflections. I decided to put it back in the frame to hide a couple of imperfections.

I saw this DIY project on one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, A Beautiful Mess, and knew I just had to try it out. The quote is from the song, "Lost in My Mind," by the band, The Head and the Heart, I love it.

The break the ice question that I hate the most is "Where are you from?" I have lived in so many places, and travel as much as possible that I don't really feel attached to any one place. It is definitely the people, the family and friends, that make a place feel like home.

Here is the full song, it has become a favorite this summer, actually their whole album is fantastic.

I just realized, looking at all the stuff that I just put up, that I love being surrounded by words.

But, wait kids, I am not done yet. Another project I am working on is a shadowbox collage of pictures that I have taken at concerts. I have been taking photos at shows for a long time. But most of these pictures are more for the memories of being there than they are frame worthy. In other words, most of them consist on the back of peoples' heads.  I did find a few that I just adore.
I know that you really can't see them, but I am going to talk about them anyway.

Top: Mark Orrell/ Dropkick Murphys. This is my favorite concert picture that I have taken. It is so rock n'roll
Middle: Mumford & Sons.  I may have taken this picture out of focus by accident, but it has become one of my favorites from that show
Third: Matt Bellamy/ Muse. The way that the spotlight casts shadows on the stage is so pretty.

The bottom frames are blank, but my plethora of concerts start on Tuesday (with Bob Dylan!), so I am hoping to get new ones to fill those.

Another blank wall.

I have a grand idea for this wall, but it will take a couple more trips to the craft store, stay tuned!


  1. Did you end up going the spray paint route?
    I can't wait to dive into this as an upcoming weekend project!

  2. Yes, I used spray paint. Super duper easy, and you (at least I) feel pretty much like a rough and tough street artist buying cans of spray paint. Then you realize that you are in aisle 5 of Michaels, with polka dot cupcake papers in your basket and don't feel that tough.

    I hope you do try it out! The picture I posted didn't do it justice. I adore my little creation and smile every time I see it.