Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello and Good-bye Irene.

Who is tired about talking about natural disasters?
And ridiculous reporters on TV talking about natural disasters?
Oh me.
So this will be it.
My one and only telling.
Pay attention.

There once was a hurricane
They called her Irene.
She came and went.
And knocked down a lot of branches.
Then the sun came out.
And we ate lemon cupcakes.
With chocolate frosting.
The end.

But the storm did leave behind one great and lasting puzzle.
The local store was completely out of fresh blueberries and strawberry pop-tarts, all other flavors were stocked.  I got to thinking, did one person buy out all the strawberry pop tarts? Or did a lot of different people really have them on their last night on earth grocery list?  Are they the new hot item on some processed pastry black market? Why just the strawberry flavor?
The world may never know.

And since every other music blog and radio stations is doing cliched natural disaster play lists, I don't want to be left. Here are the two bookends, the first and last, of the one that I created.

It all starts with an earthquake (Its the End of the World as W Know It--REM)

After the storm, the I run and run as the rains come (After the Storm (Mumford & Sons)

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