Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Travel Stories: The Tate Modern: Cy Twombly

I'm a self proclaimed museum nerd.  Whenever I visit one of these monuments of civilizations,  the first thing that I do is pick up a map at the information desk. The primary reason for this swiping is not for directional purposes, since I just have to tendency to wander and roam.  I do this so I can make notes in the margins of memorable items and my instant reactions towards. My bags and suitcases always come home bursting with maps, brochures, business cards and menus, my handwriting sprawled from corner to corner. 
Today, upon hearing of the death of Cy Twombly, I pulled out my map of the Tate Modern Art Museum which I visited last year during one of my jaunts to London. On level 3, Material Gestures, I circled Cy Twombly's name and along the margin I wrote, "Art comes from a moment of crisis.
In a building full of beautiful and interesting things, Tyombly's was my favorite collection. Found in a room off to the side of some Jackson Pollocks, were Tyombly's series of paintings, red oil paint on canvas. I had a strong emotional reaction to them that I was not expecting. The paint strokes, the splatters, lines and circles, they connected with something deep inside me, simplistic intensity. A story without words.    
Cy Twombly
Untitled VII from Bacchus Series 2005
image from the Tate Modern Website

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