Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super 8: A Movie Review

The movie Super 8 was described to me as Goonies with aliens. Now that I have seen it, I concur that  that is a very accurate description. (note to self: buy Goonies)

The movie reminded me of being a kid, when it was OK for your head to be full of stories, and it was perfectly normal to cast all your friends in those stories, complete with costumes.  And of course, all the adults don't listen to you, and you fall in love too easily and an alien attacks your town. You know, typical childhood stuff.  The premise of the movie is that it is 1979 in Ohio, that alone is convincing enough to see it,  I know. A group of kids are filming their own zombie movie when they witness a train crash. But what exactly was that train carrying and why has the military moved into the city, and why does that one kid keep throwing up . . . . .?

Super 8 had the perfect amount of intensity. In scary movies, I  don't like gore, I like to be kept on the edge of my seat holding my breath, like when it gets all quiet and you can feel in the pit your stomach that something bad is about to happen, then dogs start barking, and there is a rustling in the trees and you think you just heard footsteps and THEN OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH.

This movie was a little bit of collaboration between JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg, and thank goodness for Spielberg. I love JJ Abrams, especially for big, loud special effects and crazy plot twists, but sometimes I feel that he get lost in his own stories.  Spielberg is such a good storyteller that he bring things back to the characters and actually make you care about them. I know that there were special effects in this movie, but that is not what I really remember, the characters and little moments of interaction between them, is what I remember.  Summer movies I fully anticipate to be bang 'um up, shoot 'um up, car chase, explosion, people running around movies, not epics that will change my life.  This movie was almost, but not quite, a perfect balance of the two. But it did make me jump out of my seat and cry, not at the same time, of course,  two different times, two different scenes.  The music/score was also very Spielberg, in the best possible way.

I found out too late that the kids' zombie movie was played during the ending credits. The people next to us were being all bossy and  rush us out. I guess that means that I just have to go back and see it again.

The day was also filled with the best Gruyere and prosciutto mac and cheese at Cafe Deluxe:

Me squealing around every corner at Crate & Barrel; Oh My Gosh, I Want That!, but not spending a penny.

And talking about the Brie Boyfriend Test with J.  You know, invite a guy on a picnic and test his reaction to brie. We both pretty much decided that dating a guy with low fancy cheese tolerance would be a very hard thing.

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