Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sounds: Freelance Whales + PS22

I came across this collaboration between the band Freelance Whales and the PS22 Chorus today and I haven't stopped smiling. A banjo + a chorus of adorable public school children? Hello.  I am completely OK with these kids ruling the world one day.

The PS22 Chorus chorus is comprised of fifth graders from Public School 22 in Graniteville, Staten Island, NY. They have risen to fame in the last couple of years performing with a wide variety of music folk and on several national programs, including a little thing we call the Academy Awards. This chorus is such a testament of the importance of the music in schools, giving children another voice, another outlet for everything that is bursting inside of them.

Freelance Whales are a band from New York that I didn't realize that I was searching for until I found them. Their music reminds me of that space in time after a good dream, before you realize that you are awake. As described on the website:  The kids in Freelance Whales are really just collectors, at heart. They don’t really fancy buffalo nickels or Victorian furniture, but over the past two years, they’ve been collecting instruments, ghost stories, and dream-logs. Somehow, from this strange compost heap of little sounds and quiet thoughts, songs started to rise up like steam from the ground.

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