Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Song(s) of the Week: September Sounds.

September is historically a horrible month for me. Details do not need be explained, just know that I usually fear the ninth month of year more than a pack of wild emus.

But this year the September curse will be broken.  Why this sudden declaration of courage and determination? I have reinforcements a ‘coming.  All within 30 calendar days I will be seeing:

Dropkick Murphys at Fenway Stadium in Boston. I was able to snag a ticket to one of their sold out shows at Fenway the weekend that I will be up in Boston. No joke, I have seen this band almost once a year since 1998, back when they were an opening band. Now they are headlining at Fenway.  I have to throw in a little rock n’roll every now and then just so you don’t think that I have gone too folksy. But never fear, the banjo does pop up every now and then just for kicks (and the bagpipes and accordion and tin whistle). A portion of the proceeds from the concerts are going to the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, which helps support families of victims of 9/11 throughout the state, and also the Claddaugh fund which is DKM’s own charity which they use to benefit various causes. Classy fellas.

The Low Anthem at the trendy 9:30 Club. I completely adore this band. They are the perfect, lying in the summer grass with your eyes closed, music.   This band makes me ok with Rhode Island being a real state (that is where they are from).  Delaware on the other hand, still not convinced.

The Avett Brothers + Flogging Molly at the HFstival outdoor music festival. Dr. Dog and Minus the Bear will be there too.  Flogging Molly I have seen many times before, when they were also still an opening band, man, I am old, but Irish sing-a-longs never get old. It will be my first time seeing the brothers Avett, and needless to say I am pretty obnoxiously excited. 

Avett Brothers

Flogging Molly

Laura Marling at the Sixth and I Synagogue. I love Sixth and I, not only is it an active synagogue, but they are also a cultural center bringing in musicians, authors, community leaders, etc. . . .and they have a food truck.  I have been there for religious and cultural events, and even through I am not Jewish, the warmth and welcoming I got there, kind of makes me I wish I was just so I could be a part of the place.

Laura Marling is the darling (yeah for rhymes) of the Brit-folk community. I would pretty much give up most things in my life to have her voice, both singing voice and storytelling voice.  She started with the band Noah and Whale before going solo, and members of Mumford & Sons used to play in her back up band.  Music is the language of my soul, so seeing a musician in a church is so beautifully fitting.

Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center (tickets still pending).  I will sing along. I will shed a tear (especially during this song).  I will positively want to climb the barricade and join in the fight. Oh, Marius!

All in favor of changing September to Rock-tember say Aye! 

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