Thursday, July 7, 2011

Local Eats: Sunflower Vegetarian Resaturant

Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant
Falls Church, VA

A couple friends and I have been talking about checking out this Asian vegetarian eatery for awhile now, and in the midst of busy schedules and summer trips, we finally made it tonight.

Even with my quest to find the best hamburger in DC, I am not a huge meat eater and have always had veg heads for friends, so I am not intimidated by words like tofu, soy protein and wheat gluten. The key to cooking with all these crazy plant based ingredients is the same as with all foods. If they are cooked well, they will taste good. And, man, my soy protein was cooked so well that I didn't miss, or even want meat on my plate.

Sunflower’s Satisfaction
Sautéed special monkey mushrooms, snow peas, soy protein
and chick peas in a mildly hot & sweet orange sauce with red chili.
Garnished with Shanghai cabbage and red bell peppers.

Special bonus of the night: I discovered that one of my friends was on the Family Feud game show. Survey says: Good Answer! Good Answer!


  1. I love this post! Thanks for sharing it my dear...and thanks for such a fun night!

  2. K and I adore this restaurant.
    We go to the Vienna location at least twice a month!