Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Made This: Homemade Energy Bars

After a delightful weekend of Amishing, picnicking, Steve Martin banjo playing, fireworking, and lying in bed sick-ing, I pulled out my running shoes today, since you know, I am in training (snicker). Running is slowly becoming my latest form of rebellion. Rebellion against what people think I can do or who I am. And I am including myself in those “people.” Every now and then it is good for the soul to push yourself a little harder towards what you perceive as your breaking point. I also need to keep up my title as the girl that sings out loud on the treadmill. This I do not do on purpose, but sometimes it just happens. My gym also must be impressed since they recently upgraded my membership for free.  This is the first time I have been a platinum member of anything.  Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let it go to my head.
And as part of my training (double snicker) I made homemade energy bars last night.  The basic recipe, which I adapted slightly, I took from Thrive by Brandon Brazier. Brazier is a well known professional ironman triathlete . . .and a vegan. 
Basically you throw dates, fruit, nuts, seeds and some protein power in food processor and let it go for a whirl. Then you roll out your blob, cut into squares, wrap in plastic wrap,  and throw in the freezer.  When you are ready for the gym, warm up yourself with a little jog around the kitchen to the Rocky theme song, grab a bar and you’re off to races!

I made chocolate blueberry (pictured) and ginger pear (not pictured, because as good as they taste, they are not very picturesque).

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