Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite Things: To Do Lists

Spend less money

And more time planning my future

Act instead of being acting upon

Stop waiting

For people, for things to happen, for emails,

For my life to start

Trust myself

Trust others

Eat more fruits and vegetables

And less chemistry experiments

Take my vitamins

Make my mom proud

Spend less time on the internet

And more time in life

Spend less time watching stories

And more time writing stories

Or maybe even creating stories

But probably not recreating stories

Unless costumes are involved

Then maybe

Read more good books

Where truth can be found in between the lines

Say yes more instead of maybe, or I’ll see, or no

Unless I should really, for the sake of sanity, say no

And then not be afraid to say no.

Look for more opportunities

Spend less time sitting alone

Go on more trips to places I have never been before

Instead of sitting in my room where I have been before

Plenty of times before

Take more pictures

Write more stories

Sing more songs

Capture life more

Dream more and bigger

And make those dreams come true

Run toward things

Instead of running away from things

Less hurt

More joy

Be okay


  1. Love it! And I think your unconscious is telling you something. You had write more stories on there twice. :) I want to read a Katie story.

  2. My inspiration.
    Right there!