Monday, July 18, 2011

Favorite Photos: London, One Last Time

I feel that I post about the UK too much, that I am turning into one of those people that goes on and on about a place and you just want them to shut up already, like anyone from California or Texas.  I have loads of other travel stories and pictures from loads of other places, even a bunch here in America. And I want to get to those.   My calendar for the end of Summer and the Autumn months is already beginning to fill up with airport visits, which I am sure as the sun shines will have their own tales of adventure and too many pictures of things I ate. But I'm not quite there yet.
 I am having a hard time deleting pictures from my last trip to London from my camera, even with knowing that they are backed up on Valentine (my computer, she’s lovely) and my external hard drive.  I will probably just end up getting another memory card.  I made the trip across the Atlantic with my older sister and truth be told we aren’t as close as sisters should be. Sometimes I think that we are too different of people, we have lived separate lives for too long to ever have the relationship that we both really want.  We took this opportunity to be out of our normal lives and wander down haunted streets and through old churches together trying to get to know each other again.
Below, I give you the last picture of London, until I visit again, which will probably have to wait until after France and Peru.*  I had forgotten about this shot until last night, when my memory card was once again full and I had to selectively delete pictures. 

We were walking past the Tower of London early one morning, a Tuesday to be exact, and captured this. It isn’t touched up at all, no photoshop or fancy filters, just the rawness of a perfect quiet moment.
( For perspective: the bridge in the photo is the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London is directly on the left, out of the shot.)
* I am committing in black and white and to all the internets that I will go visit X in Peru. Hopefully this will make it true come.

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