Friday, July 29, 2011

Breaking News From the Farm: Basil Lives!

In a miracle of what seems like biblical proportions; my basil plants have been resurrected.  Switching from humming Bob Dylan to old spirituals was probably the key-- Sweet Low . . .Sweet Chariot.  Between the scorching heat, summer bugs, and a gang of outlaw rabbits and squirrels my basil plants were nothing more than sticks in dirt.  I had all but given up hope for a nice big batch, or even a tablespoon of pesto.  But I still watered them, I still talked and sang to them, I still tried to psychoanalyze why they weren’t growing.

One morning last week, I walked out back to check up on my dear little herbies and pick some rosemary, which is definitely the show off the bunch, always growing so lovely. And what stopped my heart and made me blink twice? Leaves! I saw actual little leaves dangling ever so dainty on one of my three basil plants. I had to double check to make sure it just wasn’t an invading weed. I bent down really close, my nose almost touching the plant, and the sweet smell of basil filled my nostrils.  Hands were clapped. Then a couple days later, another one of the plants show signs of life, and this morning I almost dropped the watering can when I looked at my cinnamon basil. I was one day from pulling that plant up. I never was able to get anything from it, if little buds ever did appear they will quickly scavenge off by critters.  It looked so sad and barren that I was planning to just relieve it from its misery. But now, it even has little cinnamon basil leaves growing.

Now they are all growing and flourishing, like gangbusters. Maybe there will be pesto after all!

So the moral of the basil is don’t give up. 

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