Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Have a Runner

On Monday, I got an email announcing that this week begins training for the Marine Corp Marathon. This email was greeted by my forehead slamming against my desk. I am not running the marathon this year, but I am signed up for the 10k. Now, I fully realize that 10k is not that long of a distance in the running world, and October 30, is still a long way away. But, and with me and running lately there is always a but, with traveling, playing, being laaazy, and it being hotter than hades, I haven’t done much running aside from running down the subway stairs in order to catch a train.
So, I decided that I should reacquaint myself with my gym to make sure that I can run 6.2 miles all at once and lessen the chance of ending up laying in the gutter somewhere along the 14th street bridge.  I know that some people enjoying running outside.  I think that I would if I had wide open spaces or running buddies to help keep on task. But as a solo runner, I prefer treadmills. When I run by myself I let my thoughts and mind run (ha!) wild and pay little attention to where I am going, and so when I stop running I look around confused and lost and have no idea how I got there or how to get back home.
There are many things I love about my gym, the air system/fans are not one of them. Prime treadmill spots are located under the air vents and always fill up fast. But tonight I got one, but this also resulted in me having to run next to the guy with perfect running form.  He never breaks stride or a sweat.  I am not even sure if he is really human, maybe a machine, like the terminator.  I tried not to keep looking over at his screen, but I did.  I know that I shouldn’t compare my stats with his, but I did.  He basically ran around the world, twice, by the time that I finished.   I just have to figure out how to attach wings to my shoes, or turn myself into a terminator, but not the kind that brings the apocalypse or the machine revolution, just the kind that wins races.
Check it: final total on treadmill:
 6.5 miles

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