Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Song of the Week: Johnny Cash

Today I was sure that I had out smarted Pandora. I kept getting the message: “It is taking longer than expected to find the perfect track to play next.” Then I realized that it was just a glip in the technology, and that I had not brought down the music genome project.   
 I love Pandora, in all of it's internet personalized radio glory. It is the only thing that keeps me sane at work some days. Except when the ads surrounding the radio box  are from online dating sites.  Sheesh. You too, Pandora, really, have you been talking to my mom? 
I adore not only having several stations, but also the ability to mix stations.  It is like throwing a bunch of bands in a blender and seeing what comes out. Today’s puree was Arcade Fire + Mumford and Sons + the Kinks + the Black Keys + the White Stripes.  Mix. Blend. Puree. Out came (drum roll please)  Tainted Love by Soft Cell. That is a little bit awesome, and a little bit bananas.  But the same equation that brought us a favorite 80s dance beat also brought us the haunting, "Ain't No Grave," sung by  Johnny Cash.
And sometimes you just feel a little heavy laden and need a spiritual with some beautiful banjo.  

p.s. Do you remember last week's Song of the Week’s artist, Bon Iver? He was on the cover of Spin Magazine and on The Colbert Report last night. The interview and performance was great, but don't ask what the saxophone thing was at 2:20.  I don't have enough punches in my hipster card to understand that. 

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