Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Song of the Week: Bon Iver

Along with keeping up with comrades, consorts and sidekicks,  I use Facebook to streamline all my music obsessions; bands, songwriters, music writers, venues, etc. This is supposed to keep me in the know of all tour dates, upcoming albums, and new bands that I will fall in love with. So much easier than subscribing to a bunch of email mailing lists. This social networking thing just might catch on.  DC only has a couple decent medium sized venues, places in between a bar and a basketball arena,  so tickets to see bands of any sort of note,  sell out uber quick. It is really quite nerve racking, especially when you are trying to do your taxes and get Death Cab for Cutie tickets at the exact same time, and ultimately fail at both.   However, aggregating all these music relations can also instigate sudden moments of despair when your news feed is filled with summer festival updates, festivals that you are not at. I pretty much had to disconnect myself from the internets last weekend so I wouldn’t fall into a-- I’m not at Bonnaroo-- depressive state.  It still hurts my heart a little bit. Maybe, to my list of things to do when my job ends, I should add a summer of road tripping around seeing different summer music festivals. Yep, that definitely needs to go the list, especially if it includes renting an retro camper and wearing cute plaid shirts with pearl buttons.

But Calgary by Bon Iver has also had steady postings in FB land, today there were 4 in a row, no joke,  and every music blog, which pretty much means that I need to share with you. Its pretty dreamy. I haven't been able to sleep lately, I seem to only be able to steal moments here and there, usually on the subway and about an hour before my alarm goes off. But this song makes me feel that I am dreaming, a beautiful dream. And right now, that is close enough.

To learn more about how awesome Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) is, read this lovely article.

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