Sunday, June 12, 2011

Local Travels: The Newseum + Good Stuff Eatery

The Newseum:  Washington, DC

I was surprised by how emotional I got while touring the Newseum. I remarked to my friend, look at all we have lived through. It is one of the few museums in DC that charges an admission fee. It is worth it, 10x over.
The Berlin Wall
Hurricane Katrina

View of the US Capitol from the roof

World Trade Center Antenna

9/11 Exhibit

The Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery was also an amazing visual history of the last 50+ years.

Good Stuff Eatery:  Washington, DC
I am a fan of cooking competition shows, especially Top Chef. Several past constants have eateries in the DC area,  and eating at one of them has been on my bucket list for a while. After the Newseum we headed to Good Stuff Eatery, the burger joint owned by Spike Mendelson.  The hamburgers were OK, not bad, not life changing, just OK. I did like the French fries sprinkled with thyme and dipping sauces, put a potato in front of me in any form and I will probably love it.  But the milkshakes, oh the milkshakes, I wanted to climb right in my cup and slurp my way out. 

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