Sunday, June 12, 2011

Local Eats: Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio: Olney, MD

As someone who has always been filled with wanderlust, I have lived in many places in my life. One such place was Utah. During the couple of years that I lived in the Beehive State, Cafe Rio, was all the rage. It is a "mexican"  quick serve, causal dinning eatery. I put "mexican" in quotes, because I have also lived in Southern California and I have pretty high standards when it comes to Mexican food. But whatever you call it, or whatever punctuation you use, it still good quick food.

Recently a Cafe Rio opened in the DC area, and by DC area I mean a Maryland suburb. Yeah, I don't know why either.   As soon as it opened, it again was all the rage among friends and blogs and Facebook statuses. My faith in popular opinion is not always strong, which I know, at times, makes me out to be a snob.  But sometimes, especially when you are hungry, you have to ditch your hipster street cred and buckle to a trend. On Friday, a couple of friends and I sat in beltway traffic for an hour to fill our bellies and relive our Utah days.

It was worth it. The food was fast and fresh, probably not the healthiest, but my salad lasted me 3 meals and even tasted good as leftovers. Perfect for a Friday night.

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  1. I noticed this label when I made my other comment and just had to say...super jealous! :) I dream of eating Cafe Rio again some day. :0