Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Made This: Quinoa Bowls + Strawberries and Leek Quesadilla

Sometimes I wonder how people found recipes before the Internet.

This week I made:

I love spicy food, so I decided to double up on the Sriracha action. I also don’t eat eggs so I substituted spicy tofu in the original quinoa bowl recipe.  I knew that this was a keeper when my kitchen was filled with the scent of garlic and ginger cooking in coconut oil. Hmmm. All the colors, textures and tastes mingled together perfectly.  And except for marinating the tofu the night before, I was in and out of the kitchen in about an hour. That includes, chopping, boiling, grilling, whisking, eating, taking a picture and clean up. I was hungry, so I probably ate too fast for a girl with manners.

On the other hand, this recipe, start to finish took me 2 hours. However, one and half of those hours were spent abandoning my chopped produce in the kitchen and talking with a couple friends that stopped by. I cannot express how much joy this quesadilla brought to my mouth. Thinking about the ingredients separately, you wouldn't think they would combine well. But, oh, my, they do. Goat cheese is a soft cheese, so when it is warmed it gets all creamy, the leek gives it a slight onion taste without being overpowering, and the strawberries brings the perfect amount of sweetness.  Brilliant. 

I also realized that if I am going to be taking pictures of food, I should actually make the effort to dig out a real camera instead of just pulling out my phone, and also, I should eat in better lighting. 

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